Jimmy Hahn – Through With Chew

This video is Jimmy Hahn, a Wyoming police chief, telling his cancer from chewing tobacco story.

Gruen – Cancer at 17

This video is Gruen Von Behren telling the story of how he got cancer from chewing tobacco at 17. Scary stuff.

Rick Bender – Chew On This

The DeSoto County Tobacco Free Partnership presents Rick Bender and his cancer story.

The Sean Marsee Story Told First Hand

Jason Marsee tells the story of his older brother, Sean Marsee’s cancer from chewing tobacco story.

Rick Bender on Spit Tobacco and His Cancer

This video is Rick Bender giving a speech on spit tobacco and his cancer story.

Don’t Dip Snuff / The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco / Educational Video

The story of Sean Marsee and his oral cancer from chewing tobacco. This is an edecational video of a presenter in front of a school.

Rick Bender – Heard it Before

Same lies, different product. This quit snus video shows rick bender exposing the smokeless tobacco industry for what it truly is. A bunch of liars.

Former Athelete Shares Cancer Story With Utah Teens

KSL 5 Utah reports on Gruen Von Behren telling teens in Utah his cancer story.

Knock Tobacco Out Of The Park

This video from Tobacco Free Kids discusses chewing tobacco use in major league baseball and our nations youth.

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    i have been dipping for 20 plus years i want to quit i dont know where to start i need help.Help me JESUS YOU are my only hope.

  2. Rotor Head says:

    You have to make it through each minute. Then one more hour…. Then one more day! Yes be proud of an extra minute “Clean”
    Hang in there! It is SO much better on the other side!
    Just Do It! You KNOW you can!

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