The Quit was founded by a group of quitters dedicated to helping people¬†quit chewing tobacco.¬†At one point we were all dippers. If you are still using tobacco, every single one of us was where you are now. Then we made the decision and kept our promise to quit dipping. We know what its like to be a slave to a can, and we know how hard it is to quit. We know what it takes to quit, and stay quit. This process has made such a huge impact on all of our lives that some of us stick around to help others find the same freedom that we have. Because that’s exactly what quitting is, finding freedom.

Don’t let common misconceptions fool you. We are not a bunch of hicks or rednecks, well, not all of us. We are normal people from all around the country. We are like your coworkers, friends and acquaintances. We are business men, blue collar guys, students and everything in between.

We have a few very basic and effective principles that we live by, and we are all living proof that they work. The foundation that this place rests on is accountability. As crazy as it may sound to someone looking in from the outside, the way that we quit is by holding each other accountable. We maintain this accountability but doing what we call ‘posting roll call’. When we ‘post roll’ with our quit groups, we are giving our word to every member of our community and ourselves, that we will not use nicotine today. This is how we hold each other accountable, our word is everything.

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TheQuit_org @QuitandStayQuit You have to understand YOUR triggers and how to avoid & deal with them, and be prepared with non-nicotine alternatives.
TheQuit_org @StopSmokingGlos Thanks for the follow! Anyone in the good fight against tobacco is a friend of ours! Thank you for all that you do!!