So, you are thinking about quitting using chewing tobacco, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. We all know your story. At one point, we were all there too, we all lived it. We know that you keep telling yourself “I will quit dipping tomorrow, next week or next month. After my birthday, that wedding, new years or that trip with my family. I just cant do it now, I need this just until [insert excuse here].”

How many times have you told yourself these lies? How many times has that day finally come, and you picked another further down the road? How many more times are you going to lie to yourself? I know that I lied to myself for years, actually believing I would quit on whatever day I had picked. That day would come, I would make it through half the day, sometimes even one or two days, and then cave and fall back into the same routine, most times worse than I was before I stopped. Telling myself that I need this just until [whatever] was over or had passed.

Every member of this community has been there, standing right in your shoes. The only difference between you and us is that we make the decision to be quit, today. We know that we dont need that poison, and we make the decision to take control over our addictions and not let our addictions take control over us.

We know that we cant change the past, and that to many tomorrows never come. So we must make the decision to quit today. Right now. This very minute and second are the only things that we truly have control over. Join Us

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TheQuit_org @QuitandStayQuit You have to understand YOUR triggers and how to avoid & deal with them, and be prepared with non-nicotine alternatives.
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