We help others find freedom from smokeless tobacco through accountability and integrity. That’s what we do.

Why We Built This Place

Why did we build this place? This place was created to help others quit smokeless tobacco. Our goal is to help any and all who truly want to quit, finally find the freedom that we already have. We know what it takes to quit, we know how hard it is to quit, and we know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to quitting. We’ve all quit, that’s how we know.

What This Place Is Built On

The foundation that this place rests on is accountability. We know that by sticking together and holding each other accountable, we set ourselves up for success. This community will never force you to do anything, and we know that there are many different ways to quit. But if you choose to quit here, with our help, you will quit our way. That means no nicotine running through your veins whatsoever. We quit this way because it works.

How We Maintain It

We maintain this accountability through the integrity of keeping our word. We make a promise to ourselves and each other daily, to not use nicotine just for today. We make this promise by posting roll with our quit groups. We keep our word.

From the outside looking in, a group of people holding each other accountable on the internet can seem crazy. But so do so many other things that end up meaning so much to us in life.

Quit With Us Today.

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TheQuit_org @QuitandStayQuit You have to understand YOUR triggers and how to avoid & deal with them, and be prepared with non-nicotine alternatives.
TheQuit_org @StopSmokingGlos Thanks for the follow! Anyone in the good fight against tobacco is a friend of ours! Thank you for all that you do!!