We Know How Hard It Is To Quit, Because We’re Quit.

But we also know that you can quit. Quitting can feel impossible, we are here to make quitting more attainable, help ensure your success and provide support.

So if you think your ready to finally quit, join us. There is no better day to quit than today. Yesterday is long gone, tomorrow never really comes, and the only thing we can truly control is this moment right here and now. This moment is when you need to take control and quit dipping tobacco.

We Pay It Forward, Because It Works.

You probably Started this mess not knowing what you where doing. Just knowing your sick and tired of being a slave. So you Google quitting tobacco. And Poof you’re here.

We all did something similar to that. You got lost in the site. You said, well I like what I’m reading so Ill stick it out a while and “TRY” this out. Well you figure out (sorta) this “Posting” thing, not sure what the hell that’s all about. But you drop your day 1. Then when you come back there are a few guys posted with you. And maybe a message or 2 with some wanting your number.

Who the hell are these guys? OMG freaks!!! But your in the SUCK bad!!! And it starts to be a comfort knowing that there are a few guys that are “quitting” with you. A few texts and a message or 2 and next thing you know days turn to weeks. And you start to think wow I might actually do it this time.. When you start to get some wheels under your quit and the fog lifts. You don’t have to struggle 24/7 any more. You actually start expecting to see certain names posting with you. If there not there you feel “hurt, sad”, a quick text and boom there with you.

Weeks turn to months. Things start rolling along well. You don’t think of the mistress 24/7 anymore, only when your awake now. And Some times when your sleeping. But you have beat her down a few times. Your getting good at it. She isn’t as scary and she was a few months ago. You start to know that you can do it at least today!

Now its time to grab the next nooby to walk in. Yeah you! I know your not cured yet. But you can still teach someone else the tools. See that noob in the new month. Drop him a message and tell him you know where he is. Cuz you have been there not to long ago. Give him your number. You become the freak. Hes gonna need you!! The suck is gonna be bad for him too. And watch how much your quit grows when you take the noob under your arm and help them…

When they hit different Milestones. 7 days 10, 25, 50, 75, 100!!!! Its like your doing it all over again!!!!! You can share In the joy. That’s where the freaks come from. The quitters that come before you. Keep the chain going. Pay it forward!!

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