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Need to quit chewing tobacco? Welcome to TheQuit.org. We are an online community of quitters who can help you finally quit dipping, chewing, smokeless, snuff and snus. If you are trying to figure out how to quit dip, you are in the right place. Our website, chat and forum offer the tools that you will need to finally find freedom.

Check out our Online Forum, Chat Room and Website. If your interested in getting started, register an account on the forum and join us. When it comes to quitting dip, chew, snuff smokeless and snus there is no better time than right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never really comes, so quit with us today. You will never regret it, we can promise you that.

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what we know, and how we can help you quit dip.

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Registration and membership are completely free, and TheQuit will never ask for any money or donations. We respect your discretion, and your personal information and identity will remain as private as you decide to keep it. We are owned and operated by guys who have all quit chewing tobacco. So our support comes from people who understand what you are going through, and can truly help. So if your serious about quitting dip, whats stopping you? Quit with us today.

4 Responses to Quit Dipping, Chewing and Smokeless Tobacco

  1. Jimwot says:

    I Love you and this site ricks!!

  2. Jimwot says:

    ROCKS even

  3. dipp says:

    Thanks buddy. I figured out how to get this quit dipping conversation free of spam, so I thought I would open ‘er up to the public.

  4. Jimwot says:

    Love the new counter. We’r getting High tech!!!

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