We aren’t physicians, but we know the side effects and what to expect when you quit chewing tobacco. How long this lasts depends on each individual quitter.

What happens when you quit chewing tobacco, and just how long after you quit dipping your symptoms take to clear up depends on a whole lot of different factors. How long you dipped, how much you used, how often you used it and your personal brain chemistry.

But each and every quitter, no matter the circumstances, is going to experience the same symptoms. The list is long, and they are brutal. Quitting chewing tobacco is tough, there is no doubt about that.

But there is hope. You can quit, we know that for sure because we have all quit. We also know that the only way for these symptoms to pass is to hold firm, lean into it and stay quit. Check out our Chewing Tobacco Withdrawal Timeline for more information on how long these symptoms last. The road to getting quit is a long and hard one, but it can be done with the right tools. The cost of freedom is worth it once you come out on the other side dip free.

Intense Cravings

One of the most noticeable symptoms is the craving for a nicotine fix. Every chewer knows what this feels like, especially when you go a little too long without a dip. These pass, along with all of the other symptoms.

The Fog

What we call the fog is an inability to concentrate, it makes everything seem grueling and last forever. It sets in early, and if you stick with it, it passes relatively quickly.

Dizzy Spells and Lightheadedness

Your body is going through a huge change and some people experience these. We are not doctors, if your feeling something that you know isn’t right, you should go see one.


The feeling of always being tired, wanting that nicotine fix to give you a little jump start. This passes, and in time, you will feel way better than you did when you were using nicotine.


Many quitters complain of splitting headaches the first few weeks after quitting. If you are experiencing headaches, know that that is totally normal.


Racing thoughts, worry, edginess and irritability. These are all common things that people experience while quitting. They pass, be patient.


A feeling of worthlessness and a loss of ambition. This does pass, but if your worried about it you should see a medical professional.

The Inability to Sleep

Many quitters experience a mild insomnia, your brain is changing chemically, give it time.

Stomach Problems

A lot of quitters complain of constipation. You have to realize that your taking away a stimulant that your body has grown accustomed to, this passes as well.

Weight Gain

The weight is easier to take off than the quit is, trust us, worry about it when your in a safer place.

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  1. Aaron Morrison says:

    I’ve been trying to quit for 5 years now and my problem is that I quit for about 1month or so and start right back to it. I have no idea what im going to do

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