Quit Chewing Tobacco: An Image of Cancer Caused by Not Quitting Chewing Tobacco.If you’re wondering how to quit chewing tobacco, we have the answers you need. We have these answers because we have been in your shoes and know what its like to be a slave to the can. We are an online community of quitters that carve time out of our day to help others find freedom from chew, dip, snuff, snus and quit chewing tobacco. Our members decided to get together and write a list of 100 reasons to quit dipping. These reasons come strait from our forum and guys who have already quit dipping. Here it is, unedited and straight from the members of our community.

If you have any questions, head on over to the forum and register an account, introduce yourself, find your quit group and post roll with us. We promise that you will never regret quitting.

Quit Chewing Tobacco: 100 Reasons

  1. When you quit chewing tobacco you get better breath.
  2. Lower your blood pressure.
  3. Reduce the risk of gum disease.
  4. Not having to have your jaw sawed off.
  5. Not being a slave to a plant.
  6. Reduce your risk of heart attack (which I guess can fit in with the blood pressure one above).
  7. Not having to carry around a spitter or spitting on the ground when you quit dipping.
  8. Not having to step away from something just to get a fix when you quit dipping.
  9. You’ll never have to feel that ‘itch’ again once your through the suck.
  10. If your a ninja dipper, you wont have to lie anymore when you quit dipping.
  11. Save Money at $5 a can that’s real money in a years time.
  12. Not sporting a lip turd when you meet a hot chick.
  13. Not dumping out new bottled drinks to get a spitter.
  14. Not having to check for grains in your teeth before speaking to others.
  15. When you quit chewing tobacco you never have to say no to a kiss.
  16. No more spitting in plants at the mall like a wild animal.
  17. No spitting in your hand and wiping it on your pants like some kind of moron.
  18. No worries about your kids asking “what’s that green can?” when you quit dipping.
  19. Never again will you spill a disgusting stinking spit bottle in the car all over your clothes and interior on the way to work.
  20. No one will walk up on me and force me to swallow a mouth full of spit!!
  21. When you quit chewing tobacco, there are no more lies or excuses!
  22. No more stink-bomb spitters that rolled under the seat of the car and baked for who knows how long.
  23. No more using aforementioned stink-bomb spitter when you realize you don’t have another one handy.
  24. No more digging for change in the car seats just to afford that can.
  25. No more judgement from the gas station attendant who knows how addicted you are.
  26. Once you quit dipping, no more sneezing with a dip in and blowing chaw everywhere.
  27. No more trying to hold a dip sneeze in and having it come out of you nose.
  28. No more brushing your teeth so that you can put a fatty in 5 minutes later.
  29. If you quit chewing tobacoc, no more 1 hour poops because the bathroom is the only place you can dip and not get caught.
  30. When you quit chewing tobacco it makes your junk look bigger.
  31. No more forgetting where I stashed my cans!
  32. No more dip hiccups when you quit chewing tobacco.
  33. No more emptying the kids piggy bank for dip money!
  34. 30 years from now, after a can a day, averaging 3 bucks a can, you’ll have over $38,000.
  35. If you quit chewing tobacco, no more confusing your spit bottle with your coke. Yeah I’ve done it.
  36. No more opening a can upside down and trying to save as much as possible (mixed w/ dirt, hair, carpet fiber etc).
  37. No more passing up sex, choosing to spend time alone setting up watching tv rather than going to bed. (That’s true addiction).
  38. No more getting gum grafts only to chew again a week later after you quit chewing tobacco.
  39. No more fresh dip grains on your clothes, leaving little stains behind.
  40. After you quit dipping, no more make-believe trips just so you can get in your car and dip.
  41. No more struggling to open a new can because you just cut your nails..
  42. No puddles of spit in your car from the dissolved spit cup.
  43. No more trying to bury spitters in the garbage at work so that others don’t see them.
  44. No more dip staining your game console controllers when you quit dipping.
  45. No more fear every time you go to the dentists office.
  46. No more relief when you leave the dentist cancer free only to throw a fatty in your just-cleaned mouth (we are stupid).
  47. No more dip finger wiping on the side of your cars seat or the carpet.
  48. If you quit chewing tobacco, no more putting in a contact lens with dip fingers.
  49. No more falling asleep with a dip in and waking up with your mouth feeling like ass.
  50. No more quitting if the price hits, (enter number here)……
  51. No more hiding spitters under the seat or wherever to keep your co-worker from seeing it.
  52. No more spitting on the carpet and thinking that rubbing it with your foot makes it magically disappear.
  53. After you quit chewing tobacco, no more sprinting ahead of your wife or girlfriend to get to your truck first because you think you left your dip out.
  54. No more taking the long way home so that you can finish that dip off.
  55. If you quit dipping, no more fearing that your kids will start dippin.
  56. No more feeling like a hypocrite when you tell your kids not to use nicotine.
  57. Spitting out of the car window and leaving “pinstripes” down your window and doors.
  58. No more string spittles getting in your beard.
  59. No more lying about how much you really use everyday.
  60. You get your taste back when you quit chewing tobacco.
  61. No more wondering if your the only dipper out there that wants to quit, but can’t on your own.
  62. No more searching for someone with a fatty in to bum a dip.
  63. No more power dipping your can because you are quitting “tomorrow”.
  64. No more dip burps because you had to swallow a mouthful when someone suddenly talks to you.
  65. No more tracking your gums to see if they are lower than they were last month.
  66. No more black thumb nail that is loaded with dip grinds..
  67. After you quit chewing tobacco, no more dip in open cuts when you pinch.
  68. No more spitting into one of two identical bottles and playing Russian roulette to find the good one.
  69. No more accidentally spitting into your brand new drink.
  70. If you quit chewing tobacco, no more spitter recycling a spitter to the point where it is a solid mass of mush.
  71. No more chipping out the top of your frozen spitter to open it up.
  72. No more nicotine breath.
  73. No more hiding your addiction and lying to the ones you love the most.
  74. No more spitting in water fountains at work or church and watching it swirl everywhere except down the drain.
  75. No more acting like your not desperate when you dump an handful of change you scraped together on the counter to purchase a tin.
  76. No more evening planning to make sure we have enough dip left when we go to bed to have one in the morning.
  77. No more spitting out the door at stop signs and traffic stops because you forgot your spitter.
  78. After you quit dipping, no more panic attacks when you suddenly realize you FORGOT your dip.
  79. No more frantically driving to the gas station to get more chew during half-time.
  80. No more pocket checks before leaving the house to make sure you dip is there.
  81. No more being late to something because there was a line at the gas station and you “had” to wait.
  82. No more looking in the mirror to see if you can hide the dip so that others can’t see it.
  83. No more stained finger tips after you quit dipping.
  84. No longer spending over a grand a year to kill yourself.
  85. No more using a strangers cup from the ground, trash, etc. to use as spitter.
  86. No more explaining the nasty bottles of floaters to your kids.
  87. No more sleeve stains from wiping “strings” off of your mouth.
  88. Once you quit chewing tobacoc, no more guilt when you buy a can.
  89. If you quit chewing tobacco, no more chewing while your sick.
  90. No more chewing when your congested and having to breath with your mouth open and a dip hanging out.
  91. Your heart health will improve.
  92. Your arteries will improve when you quit chewing tobacco.
  93. Your teeth will get whiter.
  94. Your breath should smell better.
  95. Your mouth will feel cleaner once you quit dipping.
  96. Your wife or girlfriend will be happy.
  97. You can share your experience with others in order to help them too.
  98. Your chance of stroke will decrease.
  99. When you quit dipping, you extend your life.
  100. When you quit chewing tobacco, you will be free again!
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15 Responses to 100 Reasons to Quit Chewing Tobacco

  1. Matt says:

    i dont understand #34 but im doing 73 and 74 right now. i actually do a lot of those.

    • dipp says:

      #34 means that some of us used to make excuses like, “When the price of a tin gets over $5, I will quit.” We don’t have to make those excuses anymore, or deal with any of the others stuff on this list because we have all quit.

      When you’re ready to quit, head on over to http://thequit.org, our support system.

  2. Ryan says:

    Probably the most accurate list of dip problems out there. A few made me laugh. Good read :D

  3. Daniel says:

    I always saw the guys at work dipping and just yesterday I bought a can of Camel Mellow Snus because I was told it was “safer” than regular tobacco.

    I tried it and it didn’t taste bad but it gave me the hiccups. After reading this I’m going to throw it away before I get hooked and end up getting sick.

  4. dipper deluxe says:

    Held in my spit to read all that. Gotta admit a mouthful of wintergreen spit is the greatest feeling in the world. It’ll give your tongue a tingle and calm ya down late up into the night.

  5. J-rod says:

    Quit on Wednesday and only started last Friday. Haven’t even finished a tin. Should I be worried?

    • dipp says:

      Keep that poison out of your face.

      One of the hardest things to do on this planet is quit dipping.

      If you don’t want to quit, don’t start chewing in the first place!

  6. Daughter says:

    Our dad dips and we want to know how to help him quit. It really scares us because we realize he has a higher risk of getting cancer now. It’s gross to see him do it and we always find his empty dip cans (in empty recycled boxes and newspaper wrapers). How can we help him?

  7. D-Bell says:

    Wanna quit need help though hard to have motivation to quit a habit wham all your buddies are around with a fatty in….

  8. Nick says:

    #18 No worries about your kids asking “what’s that green can?” when you quit dipping
    -Kids, if your dad dips anything out of a green can (or anything flavored)you have two mom’s

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