Chewing tobacco is an extremely dangerous product. Many people have the misconception that using smokeless tobacco is somehow safer than smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. It is unfortunate that many people think that it is necessary to use chewing tobacco for a fairly long period of time before getting cancer. The fact is, it is impossible to predict how long someone would be able to use chewing tobacco without getting the disease. Instead, it must be understood that using chewing tobacco is putting yourself at risk of contracting a disease that is potentially deadly.

There is no way to ascertain whether or not you could safely use chewing tobacco for a year or two years without eventually getting cancer. To make matters worse, you may use chewing tobacco for years and then decide to quit. You may be later diagnosed with cancer as a result of the chewing tobacco that you used several years ago. Because it is not fully understood why some individuals get cancer quickly when they use chewing tobacco and others seem to be able to use it for much of their lives without contracting the disease, it is vitally important not to use it at all. Furthermore, it seems that sometimes the only thing that is fully understood is that tobacco increases the risk of getting cancer. Therefore, you have to ask yourself the question why you would want to do anything that would put you at an increased risk for contracting the disease in the first place.

The truth of the matter is that using chewing tobacco, even once, is increasing your risk for getting cancer. When you factor in the chances that the disease could be deadly and the astronomical costs associated with successfully treating the disease, there is simply no reason that can justify using chewing tobacco when you know that it puts you at an increased risk for getting this disease. Because it is impossible to use it for a certain period of time and be absolutely certain that it is not going to increase your chances of getting cancer, it is imperative that you never start using chewing tobacco at all.

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