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Fake dip, non tobacco chew and fake smokeless tobacco are a great way to help you get a leg up on your nicotine addiction. They are also a great way to help you quit dipping. There are a bunch of different brands of non tobacco chew out there, so you it should be easy to find a brand that helps you quit.

Were not going to lie to you and tell you that non tobacco dip is going to make quitting easy, because it isn’t. Quitting dip is hard, there is no way around it. But these fake tobacco products can help you with the psychological aspects of quitting, and help you get over that oral fixation you’ve formed over the years. If you think you need more help quitting, we have a forum that deals with helping people quit. Check us out.

The Brands of Fake Dip:

Here is a list of the different brands of fake chew, fake pouches and fake snus that we have found.

Fake dip and fake chew.

Fake dip, fake chew, non tobacco chew, fake smokeless, tobacco free dip, whatever you call it, it is genuinely good stuff!

  • Absolute Snus
  • Bacc-off
  • Buffalo Bills Jerky Chew
  • Golden Eagle Herbal Chew
  • Grinds Coffee Pouches
  • Holt Tobaccoless Chew
  • Hooch Snuff
  • Jack Links Jerky Chew
  • Jakes Mint Chew
  • Mint Snuff
  • Nip-The-Grip
  • Old Trapper Jerky Chew
  • Root 100
  • Smokey Mountain Snuff
  • Teaza Energy Pouches
  • Young’s Chew

Quit Dipping Using Fake Dip:

If your trying to quit, are you considering fake dip? Also called fake chew, tobacco free chew, non tobacco dip, fake tobacco dip and fake smokeless tobacco. They are all basically alternatives to chewing tobacco for people attempting to quit. Trying to quit chewing tobacco is hard. There is no way around it.

It’s not only because of the nicotine addiction that quitting is hard, but after time, chewers become addicted to the feeling of having a chew their mouth. Non tobacco dip provides a positive alternative for individuals who want to stop using chew. It lets them get the feeling if a fake tobacco dip in their lip, without the nicotine.

Should I Mix Fake Dip With The Real Stuff?

There are some manufacturers of fake chew that recommend you start off mixing chewing tobacco with the fake dip so you are lowering the amount of tobacco you are using, and weening off. However, if you want to quit, we say it’s better to just get the nicotine out of your body completely, and just stick with the tobacco free chew. If your trying to quit tobacco, then why would you use chewing tobacco to quit? Here are 3 good reasons why you shouldn’t mix.

1. You’re Prolonging Your Addiction

    The fact is you have an addiction to nicotine, and you’re not going to get rid of that addiction until you quit putting nicotine into your body. The sooner you quit putting nicotine into your body, the sooner your free from nicotine’s grasp. Period. In other words, it’s better you just quit now and get it out of your system! All you are doing is prolonging your addiction. If you keep feeding that stray dog, it will just keep coming back for more. So it’s better to just completely quit and use the fake chew on its own.

2. Most End Up Right Back Where They Started, Dipping

    This is a fact, and I will explain why. For those that try mixing the two, they eventually end up running out of fake dip. Now if you go down to a gas station, I bet you they will be selling regular chew, but not fake chew. Fake chew is a lot less accessible than the real thing. Youll probably end up buying a tin, and throwing a lipper in. If you think this sounds like a stupid reason, think back to all of the times you have quit. Wait, youve never quit, because of stupid things just like this one. Whatever the reason, mixing is a bad idea.

3. You’re Still Putting Nicotine Into Your Body

    You want to quit because you know it’s harmful for your health. Every time you put real chewing tobacco in your lip, you are still risking yourself to future dental problems, and as well as to mouth cancer. Better to just quit now and know you are saving yourself from these extremely harmful risks. The sooner you get rid of the nicotine, the sooner you don;t want a dip. When that happens, your free.

Chewing tobacco has many risks associated with it. If you are chewing tobacco and are considering quitting, your already half way there. However, we would highly recommend that you reconsider mixing your chewing tobacco with fake chew, and just go with the fake dip and never put chewing tobacco in your lip again.

If you have any questions on fake chewing tobacco, head on over to our forum and register an account. Our members would be happy to tell you about their experiences with the different brands of fake chewing tobacco. And like anything else, real time feedback is better than any review you could find online.

Helpful Information:

A great resource for quitting information, and a great fake chewing tobacco product as well.

My Last Dip:
A Web-based research project website funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute to evaluate ways to help people quit using smokeless tobacco.

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2 Responses to Fake Dip & Smokeless Alternatives

  1. David says:

    I tried to just go with the fake dip but it just didn’t work. The flavor is enough different from normal dip that you don’t fool your body. I bought about 5 cans of bacc-off and mixed them half and half with my normal dip. this allowed me to get used to the flavor change and lessen the amount of nicotine going into my body. i then went to all fake dip and no tobacco and it worked. I do every once in a while take a non-tobacco dip but don’t leave it in for a long time and I don’t crave after about a week so its more of a flavor thing than nicotine. This worked for me but you have to pick a time to go full non-tobacco and stick to it. I wish everybody all the luck in the world as I’ve tried to quit multiple times and this is the first time I have gone this long without side effects.

  2. Ty Royal says:

    Our healthcare facility is making a big push for employees & their family members to be tobacco free. Do you have a place to get samples to see if we would endorse a certain product to help with the process to quit?

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