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Welcome to our Grizzly Tobacco Information page. This page was put together to give our visitors some information about all of the Grizzly Tobacco Flavors and cuts. There is more information to come on Grizzly Tobacco, so if your interested remember to stop by and check us out in the future. And if your thinking about quitting, don’t forget to check out our online community of quitters.

Grizzly tobacco was introduced in 2001 by the Memphis based American Snuff Company. Over the last 10 years, it has become the best selling smokeless tobacco product line in the United States. Grizzly tobacco becoming the best selling chewing tobacco line in just over 10 years is something that has never been done by a smokeless tobacco company before. Grizzly tobacco holds more than 25% of the total market, and just about 50% of the total Wintergreen flavor market out of all of its competition in the United States. Needless to say, Grizzly tobacco is very popular.

Grizzly Tobacco Flavors:

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Fine Cut Natural

Fine Cut Natural

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Fine Cut Wintergreen

Fine Cut Wintergreen

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Long Cut Mint

Long Cut Mint

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Long Cut Natural

Long Cut Natural

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Long Cut Strait

Long Cut Strait

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Long Cut Wintergreen

Long Cut Wintergreen

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Mint Pouches

Mint Pouches

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Snuff


Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Snuff Pouches

Snuff Pouches

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Straight Pouches

Strait Pouches

Grizzly Tobacco Flavor: Wintergreen Pouches

Wintergreen Pouches

Some Helpful Links:

American Snuff Company. Makers of Grizzly Tobacco Website:
This is a link to the American Snuff Company’s Website. The American Snuff Company are the makers of Grizzly Tobacco.

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15 Responses to Grizzly Tobacco

  1. elialdred says:

    i am 15 am starting to dip grizzly

  2. Dylan says:

    I like the natural fine cut, but I’m switching to strait long cut….

  3. Eloy says:

    I been dipping for 4years now and feel great

  4. Velvet says:

    Is the date on the back of the can an expiration date or the make date?

  5. Dustin says:

    Youll know when ur dip is badwhen its alldryed up

  6. Calvin O'brien says:

    Bought two rolls of grizzly straight and they were dried out for the most part and one had what felt like sand are something gritty . Had to buy Copenhagen which is my second choice but debating on if I should stay with it. FYI !

  7. Erica says:

    I am only 16 almost 17 and have been using Grizzly long cut Wintergreen and I love it (: wouldn’t change to anything else don’t think ever (:

  8. Johnny c. says:

    pinch of griz snuff on the left and long griz mint on the right +1

  9. colten says:

    I am 12 and I dip grizzly

  10. Aaron says:

    I’m 15 I dip grizzly wintergreen wide cut

  11. Lance says:

    Tried grizzly when it first came out. Been chewing it ever since. Reason I switched to it from Kodiak is because of the price. I have noticed price increases and may decide to switch to something cheaper. Keep ur prices low and people will stick with it. It is good chew.

  12. jack says:

    bunch of pussys

  13. concerned teen says:

    The whole point for this site is to try to get people to quit (hence the site name Tobacco is harmful because it’s addictive and can cause oral cancer. It also can lead to other things like a heart attack. I know this from a personal standpoint because my grandfather had 2 heart attacks from using tobacco. It also ruins your teeth. Personally, many girls, including myself, do not want to date a boy if he uses tobacco because we don’t want to be kissing someone with bad teeth or if they say “hold on. Let me spit this out.” And if they don’t spit it out, no one wants to french kiss someone who has dip in their mouth. Also, if you smoke, a lot of girls won’t want to date you. Second hand smoke is just as dangerous as first hand smoke, especially for people with asthma. So guys, please don’t use tobacco. If you do, you’ve got at least 1 girl (me) who won’t even consider dating you.

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