The following is a real letter, written by a real wife of one of our quitters. This is their account of how a quit forum and community truly can help.

To preface this letter, Farmboy WT writes:

“Mrs WT has agreed to share her experiences being married to me, her addict husband for 32 years and what she has experienced during the years of our marriage and the past 200 days of quit. She was unaware of my ninja dipping when we got married (I’d been dipping for over 7 years)!”

A Letter From Mrs. WT:
Help Your Husband Quit Chewing: A Wife’s Letter

“Before my husband joined the online quit group he had used for the 32 years of our married life. He kept it hidden, but I discovered his addiction about 25 years ago. Since then there have been numerous promises to quit but he never succeeded. I would find his stashes and ask him if he was still chewing. He always said no. Of course I knew he was lying and when I confronted him with this he would claim he was not or that he was working on it. It got to the point where I didn’t ask for a while. I didn’t want to hear the lies.

I was excited and a little leery when he joined the website but it has been that best support he could have found. There are times when he is on his phone quite a while texting or on the website. Which is surprising because I never thought he would do this. It can be a little annoying at times but the trade-off is worth it. It was hard when he first quit because he got agitated a lot, nervous and grouchy. Once he got past his first 100 days he was happier and more positive. He does still have his up and down days. But our marriage is so much better. So much more open and trusting.

It has been a comfort and good feeling to be able to talk about his nicotine addiction and be open about it. They say the truth Will set you free and I feel it has set us both free.”

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