Here we have a collection of guides, tips and trick to help make that final decision, and to also help you through the worst of the worst once you actually quit. This page is constantly being changed, added to and updated so make sure that you check back in!

Chewing Tobacco Quitting Tips

Chewing Tobacco Quitting Tips

Advertisement: // // The Tips That You Need to be Successful: Have you been searching the internet or this site trying to find some chewing tobacco quitting tips? Are you thinking about quitting but have no clue where to start? Well your in...
Dealing With Anxiety When You Quit Dipping

Dealing With Anxiety When You Quit Dipping

Anxiety when you quit dipping is extremely common, and hard to deal with. For anyone quitting smokeless tobacco, the physical symptoms are well known. Cravings, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches are all part of the process, and that's just...
Dipp's Ways to Stop Chewing

Dipp's Ways to Stop Chewing

Advertisement: // // These Are The Ways You Take Back Control and Finally Quit Want to learn about some ways to stop chewing? If there is anything we know well here at, its how to quit, and the ways to stop chewing. So if you want...

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco Cold Turkey

So, you want to know how to quit chewing tobacco cold turkey? Let me lay this out for you. Quitting chewing tobacco cold turkey is brutal. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms are absolute hell, but its the only way to go. I dipped cope...

Quit Dipping: A Guide to Help You Quit

Our Quit Dipping Guide: A Fully Comprehensive Guide to Quitting Chew, dip, snuff and snus. Guide Menu: Our Quit Dipping Introduction Understand What It takes to Quit Dipping Understand Why Dipping is Harmful to Your Health Understand...

Quit The Can: A Guide to Quitting Dip

// // Need to Quit The Can? We Can Help. If your trying to find a way to quit the can and finally free yourself, your in the right place. You have found a place that can help you quit the can. We are an online community dedicated to helping...

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