This is the FAQ section of the site. These are questions we get all the time about quitting smokeless.

If you are thinking about quitting chewing tobacco, or just recently quit, you are bound to have some questions. These are some of the more common questions we get from new and potential quitters here at Take a look, and if you can’t find an answer here head on over to our quit dipping forum. There is bound to be someone who can give you some information there.

Will I get cancer from chewing tobacco?

We don’t know the answer to that question. But we know you are increasing your risk of getting oral cancer tremendously. Understand the early signs of oral cancer so that you know what is going on with your body. If you experience any of these signs, its time to see a doctor.

When is the best time to quit chewing tobacco?

Right now, today. Why put it off? Yesterday is long gone, and tomorrow never really comes. You’ve tried to quit a million times and never been successful, that’s because youve never quit today.

What is the best thing to do when cravings hit?

Keep your mind and hands busy, stay quit, and push through. That’s about all you can do. Know that even this will pass.

I have tried to quit several times, but have never been successful. Will I ever quit? 

You have never quit, you have stopped. If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen. We can help you find freedom, join us.

Is cold turkey the best quitting method?

In our opinion, its the only method. Would you give an alcoholic a glass of wine only at night to ease the withdrawal? No. Then why would you use nicotine to help you quit dipping?

How do I get support at

Sign up on the forum and post roll. Easy as that.

The guys on the forum are pretty intense, are you sure this is for me?

Sometimes it take some intense conversation to come to the realization of what exactly quitting takes. Quit with us, and you will never regret it.

 How much does cost? is 100% free. All we ask of you is your promise to quit dipping.

Can I use nicotine while quitting at

No. Quit how you want to, and if you do it using nicotine replacement therapies or tapering down, that great. But if your going to quit here, no nicotine.

Why can’t I use nicotine replacement therapies? 

Because your a nicotine addict, trying to quit nicotine. Why would you use nicotine products to do that? Only an addicts brain would make this seem like it could work.

Can I use prescription medicines to quit here? If so, which ones?

See your medical doctor about this. But if it doesn’t have nicotine in it, we don’t care what you take.

Will I gain weight when I quit?

Probably. But the weight comes off easier than the quit does.

I always get depressed or angry when I quit. What can I do about that?

Read the site. Interact on the forum and in chat. Keep your mind busy. Even this will pass, we promise.

I am sure I will quit one day, why not wait until then?

How many “one day’s” are going to go by until you get cancer? How many times have you tried to quit, but were unsuccessful. Our community and system can help you quit today. Don’t put it off. You will never regret quitting.

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